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Enabling Certification by Analysis


Marques, S., Timme, S., and Badcock, K.J.


Khodaparast, H.H., Prandina, M., and Mottershead, J.E.


European Commission 6th Framework Programme


Plates with Random Thickness


Experimental setup for aluminium plates with random thickness


Experimental setup

Ten aluminium plates were prepared so that a contrived distribution of thicknesses, close to Gaussian, was obtained by machining. The thickness variations were measured using a long-jaw micrometer at 4x14 points as shown in files. The test case is based on the experiments performed to validate the stochastic model updating methods proposed in [1] and [2].

Available Resources for Download

Experimental Measurements

Thickness for ten plates

Measured data of both cases

Matlab Code


Stochastic model updating code

(Matlab Script)

Aluminum plates with random thicknesses

Aluminum plates with random masses


Refeered Journals

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    doi: 10.1016/j.ymssp.2008.03.001

Conference Papers

  • Khodaparast, H.H., Mottershead, J.E., "Efficient Methods in Stochastic Model Updating," International Conference on Noise and Vibration, Leuven, Belgium, 2008.
    ISMA 2008 Paper